Stelter & Brinck Indirect Fired Air Heaters
Stelter & Brinck Indirect Fired Air Heaters
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Indirect Air Heater Indirect Air Heater - Low Nox, Low CO
Indirect Air Heater with High Efficiency for Drying Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Whey, and more! Indirect Fired Air Heater (Recirculating)
Indirect Fired Air Heater Indirect Fired Air Heater - Stainless Steel
Low emissions Indirect Fired Process Air Heater (Indirect NOx-free air heating) Indirect Air Heater Installation
Indirect Fired Air Heater for spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, chemical dryers, drying ovens, pharma, dairy, food High Temperature, High Thermal Efficiency Indirect Fired Air Heater

S&B's indirect fired air heaters are used to dry chemically sensitive products such as foods, grains, malt, dairy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ect. Our indirect air heaters are used with spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, rotary dryers, kilns, spray booths, chemical dryers, flash dryers, kiln furnaces, ovens, and for many other industrial heating and drying applications. These unmatched process heaters produce clean hot air, free of the by-products of combustion, and can provide thermal efficiencies up to 90%.

Our indirect air heaters are available in recirculating, non-recirculating, & straight- through models. Our recirculating indirect-fired heater can be built to be USDA Compliant and a low emissions is an option with all models. Designs up to 1200°F process air outlet temperature are standard; for high temperature requests, call the factory.

Recirculating Indirect Air Heater (IAH-R):

Our IAH-R takes advantage of recirculated hot combustion side air to provide very high thermal efficiencies in a compact size. This completely packaged robust indirect air heater provides clean, hot air. It is more fuel efficient, providing lower operating costs, than our non-recirculating indirect fired heaters. S&B’s IAH-R-USDA is accepted for use in the USDA Dairy Grading Branch Plant Survey Program (read more).

Non-Recirculating Indirect Fired Air Heater (IAH-NR):

Our non-recirculating indirect fired air heaters are completely packaged systems that offer a medium efficiency, low capital cost solution to indirect heating applications. Regardless of low or standard emissions, gas or fuel fired, carbon or stainless construction, S&B’s IAH-NR units offer customizable solutions for your industrial heating and drying applications.

Straight-Through Indirect Fired Air Heater (IAH-ST):

As the name suggests, the IAH-ST heaters are arranged for process air to travel straight through them. The straight-through indirect air heater is fully-packaged and can be designed for horizontal or vertical air flow. Although it’s our most compact indirect heating model, the IAH-ST doesn’t lack in reliability, dependability or efficiency.