Catalytic Vs Thermal Oxidizers: Characteristics and Applications

Stelter & Brinck

Harmful pollutants called VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are generated and dispersed into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process of certain products. VOCs have a negative impact on the health of our ecosystem and thus throughout the years, environmental agencies have enforced emission rules for manufacturers. Oxidizers are one type of pollution control system that manufacturers…

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Curb Energy & Fuel Consumption


“Since the installation of S&B’s equipment, we’ve had a 65% utility reduction of the old
oven; we have the numbers recorded to prove it!”
– Maintenance Supervisor, A Hard Drive Manufacturer

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Oxidizers & Field Services

Thermal Oxidizer - Stelter & Brinck

Are there pollutants present in your process airstream? Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures industrial air pollution control systems to destroy the HAPs, VOCs, fumes, or odors generated during manufacturing. In addition, we also provide services to keep your system well-maintained, and up to codes and standards.

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Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic Oxidizer Overview Our last blog discussed how Thermal Oxidizers destroy harmful VOCs, generated by manufacturing certain products. Another type of environmental system Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures to remove process air stream exhaust of VOCs are catalytic oxidizers. Catalytic Oxidizers are the best option for VOC laden airstreams that are free of catalyst fouling…

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What to consider when purchasing an Oxidizer

Are you in the process of looking for new or replacement oxidizer? Do you need an oxidizer to destroy your industrial emissions? Are you looking to rid your industrial air stream of foul odors? In need of an afterburner for your high opacity stream? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you…

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Emissions Goals?

Do you have emissions goals your plant strives to reach? Is your plant looking to become more environmentally friendly? Stelter & Brinck’s equipment can help you meet your emission needs! We manufacture our own line of Environmental Systems, which include: Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers & Afterburners. These systems destroy industrial emissions that are present in…

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Oxidizer Service & Maintenance (Thermal & Catalytic Systems)

Stelter & Brinck’s Thermal Fume Oxidizers, Afterburners and Catalytic Fume Oxidizers are products of over 90 years in the process heat industry. All of our environmental systems are custom designed, manufactured, built and tested/tuned in-house by our experience team of professionals. In order to keep your oxidizer in environmental & safety compliance, reduce unnecessary production interruptions, reduce energy costs and…

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Overview of Catalytic & Thermal Oxidizers

If your plant generates harmful pollutants during manufacturing, called VOCs or volatile organic compounds, you may consider implementing an emissions control system. Thermal & catalytic oxidizers are the most common systems used to destroy VOCs that are being dispersed into the atmosphere. Your pollution control system should be selected on the effectiveness in your application,…

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