What is Process Heat Equipment? Process Heating Applications? Resources?

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What is Process Heat Equipment? Heat is used in virtually all industries during manufacturing and production. “Process heating” is the technique of applying heat to raw or semi-finished goods, in order to achieve the final product. Process heat systems are used for 4 different functions in manufacturing: generating, transferring, exchanging, or recovering heat.  There are…

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Combustion System Questionnaire

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to embark on new beginnings, both in your personal life and in the work-place. In order to help you set new goals with regards to your plant’s process heat equipment, we’ve generated a list of questions: How old is your process heat equipment? Is your equipment reliable?…

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LinkedIN Groups for the Industrial Heating Industry

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Happy New Year! Stelter & Brinck is excited for what this year will bring and hope that you have a very successful 2017! This blog is going to provide a couple useful LinkedIn groups, which may be used as resources in the coming year. There are innumerable niche groups on LinkedIn, so we’re going to…

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