Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer/ Afterburners

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Afterburners are the simplest type of Thermal Oxidizer and are typically used in manufacturing where there are high concentrations of odor, VOCs, or smoke in the process air. Applications include: food and coffee processing, foundries, pulp & paper manufacturing, metal treatment, ect.

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Thermal Oxidizer aids Rubber Products Manufacturer in Winning an Environmental Leadership Award

Situation: Due to an increase in demand in a wide area of industries- from government and consumer to wood processing and mining- the leading manufacturer of rubber products decided to expand their Nebraska plant. The plant’s new equipment helped to increased production of the company’s many products such as conveyor belts, hydraulics, hose, and rubber…

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NEW Thermal Oxidizer Video on YouTube

A couple weeks ago, we posted the basic questions we ask when a customer calls in with an industrial air pollution control system application. If you’re in the process of looking for a system to destroy the VOCs being emitted by your manufacturing process, Thermal Oxidizers are a popular method. Stelter & Brinck Thermal Fume Oxidizers can be…

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Thermal Oxidizer Case Study: Bondtex

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Situation: Bondtex is a custom laminating company that has become well-known for their commitment to excellent quality. Bondtex ensures the highest quality products and services by employing the latest and most efficient technologies on the market. With three flame laminators and one adhesive laminator, the need for pollution control equipment arose and of course, Bondtex only wanted…

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Overview of Catalytic & Thermal Oxidizers

If your plant generates harmful pollutants during manufacturing, called VOCs or volatile organic compounds, you may consider implementing an emissions control system. Thermal & catalytic oxidizers are the most common systems used to destroy VOCs that are being dispersed into the atmosphere. Your pollution control system should be selected on the effectiveness in your application,…

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