Time to Maintain Those Oven’s Burners!


‘Tis the Season for Cookies Galore! As the days get shorter, and the Holidays near, it seems like cookies are everywhere you turn and it’s easy to overindulge in your favorite treat!

According to Wikipedia the modern Christmas cookie recipes can be traced all the back to the 16th century. The ingredients found in cookies are mainly flour, eggs, sugar, milk and oil or butter. When these contents are mixed together they form a batter. The batter is separated into preformed shapes or balls and then cooked in an oven.

If the cookies are coming from a factory and made in a large quantity, they are baked in an industrial oven. When placed into heat, every cookie ingredient reacts differently. However, cookie manufacturers need to ensure each and every cookie is cooked to perfection. For precise temperature and humidity control, it’s a good idea to make sure your oven’s burners are tuned and running efficiently, especially before a large production run.

Stelter & Brinck can provide burner service and combustion equipment parts for your industrial ovens. We can also update, rebuild, or repair your outdated oven or other combustion systems. For more information, or for any questions, please call us at 513-367-9300 or visit our Burner Field Service page: https://stelterbrinck.com/combustion_burner_field_services.htm