Oxidizer Service & Maintenance (Thermal & Catalytic Systems)

Stelter & Brinck’s Thermal Fume Oxidizers, Afterburners and Catalytic Fume Oxidizers are products of over 90 years in the process heat industry. All of our environmental systems are custom designed, manufactured, built and tested/tuned in-house by our experience team of professionals. In order to keep your oxidizer in environmental & safety compliance, reduce unnecessary production interruptions, reduce energy costs and…

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Paste Heater: Gas-Fired Heaters for Electrode Paste

Paste Heaters

Do you produce ferroalloys? Do you have a SAF furnace? Implement Stelter & Brinck’s gas-fired paste heaters! + Better melting of Soderberg paste- reduces voids in the electrodes! + Increased heat transfer from electrode column to paste! + Fewer electrode breaks! + Easy maintenance with S&B’s PM Program! Below is an image of our gas-fired paste…

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