(Before and After) Pictures of Combustion System Upgrades


In addition to designing and building new process heat equipment, Stelter & Brinck provides upgrades, rebuilds, retrofits and repairs on your current combustion and environmental equipment. Not only are our service technicians backed by our in-house engineering department, but Stelter & Brinck has been serving the process heat industry for over 90 years! With thousands of units world-wide, we work with some of the most well-known companies. In addition, S&B can install, start-up and provide on-going preventative maintenance for the combustion equipment in your plant.

Below are a couple images of our upgrade before and after images.

The first image above is a combustion system upgrade, the middle image is a control panel upgrade and the last image is 1 of 10 oven zones that Stelter & Brinck upgraded for a customer.

Here’s what two of our customers have to say about Stelter & Brinck equipment upgrades:

“S&B’s upgrades have decreased our shutdowns and downtime by over 70%!” – Plant Manager, a Laminate Coating Company

“Since the installation of S&B’s equipment, we’ve had a 65% utility reduction of the old oven; we have the numbers recorded to prove it!” – Maintenance Supervisor, A Hard Drive Manufacturer

For more information, visit: https://stelterbrinck.com/combustion-system-upgrade.htm