Environmentally- Mindful Process Heat Equipment & Combustion Services


Today, everywhere we shop, it seems as if companies are “Going Green”; for example, stores are giving incentives for bringing re-usable bags, installing motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they aren’t needed, and e-mailing receipts rather than printing a copy in-store. As consumers, we see companies making improvements in their tangible end-products, but what you may not realize is that “Going Green” starts from the beginning of the product life cycle.

Companies are increasingly implementing Energy & Emissions Management Programs into their manufacturing facilities. The goal of these programs is to continually reduce pollutants, curb energy and fuel costs, and ultimately improve profitability. Companies are constantly asking themselves: How can your company make lasting improvements for future generations, while also saving money? Is it possible to improve profitability, while also reducing emissions?

Stelter & Brinck’s eco-friendly process heat equipment & combustion services may be the answer to the questions above; manufacturers have been relying on S&B to help reduce emissions, energy & fuel consumption, while improving their bottom line. Below are the ways our combustion services and process heat equipment are helping manufacturing facilities “Go Green”:

  1. Heat Recovery Systems- Stelter & Brinck’s efficient heat recovery systems can save you up to 40% on fuel over traditional systems.
  2. Natural Gas Option- All of our systems are capable of running on natural gas, which is considered to be a clean fuel.
  3. Switch from Electric to Natural Gas- Save up to $15/million BTU by converting your energy source from electric to gas.
  4. Low NOx Technology- We offer low-NOx & ultra-low emission options for each piece of equipment we design and build.
  5. Thermally Efficient Designs- Our equipment is custom designed to save you energy through thermally efficiency.
  6. Oxidizers- Stelter & Brinck oxidizers are designed for emission abatement & EPA destruction efficiency compliance.
  7. New/ Replacement Equipment – Outdated equipment or equipment parts may be out of code or using more energy than newer, more efficient technologies. If your equipment is outdated or your plant is expanding, Stelter & Brinck can design & manufacture new equipment that will meet the best available technology for low emissions and thermal efficiency.
  8. Combustion Services- Ensuring proper fuel to air ratio and efficient flame quality reduces energy and emissions.
  9. Combustion Services- Regular equipment maintenance can reduce unexpected failures, increase up-time, improve safety and ultimately increase profitability.