Low Emission Heating Equipment

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In 1992 the Kyoto Protocol was formed to curb greenhouse gas emissions internationally. Two of the most common greenhouse gases are NOx and CO. Both NOx and CO are formed during the combustion process. NOx is formed when air is mixed with gas/oil and fired at high temperatures. CO is formed due to the lack of oxygen present during combustion.

NOx and CO emissions interact with atmospheric gases to produce low air quality, acid rain, vision and respiratory problems for humans, and destroy plant life. Because NOx and CO emissions affect the environment and human health negatively, governments have continually tightened their emission restrictions since the early 1990s.

Stringent regulations require companies to regularly update or improvise their manufacturing equipment. In order to limit pollutants, companies look to Stelter & Brinck to replace their current combustion equipment with low emissions (also called low-NOx, low-CO, or NOx-free) systems. Stelter & Brinck offers low-emissions indirect air heatersdirect fired air heatersoxidizerscombustion systems, and metal industry equipment. We’ve worked with folks in virtually every industry, from food and chemical to gypsum and textile, to meet their emission goals and we’d be happy to help with your next low-emission equipment need!