Stelter & Brinck, Ltd. integrated packaged systems can save you weeks and months of installation and commissioning time.

The first three images to the right are of a custom designed unit by Stelter & Brinck for a catalyst manufacturer’s newest production facility. The skid includes 5 blowers, 2 gun style recirculating air heaters, system single point fresh air inlet with filters, motor control center for the entire process, heat recovery air to air heat exchanger and full system controls including transmitters and transducers.

The package was designed to fit a special foot print and by working closely with the dryer manufacture it fit up to the multi-stage dryer. Test firing and wring out of all components was done in our plant prior to shipment thus making a very quick installation and plant start up possible.

  • Stelter & Brinck Heat recovery heat exchanger.
  • Combustion blower.
  • Motor control center for entire plant.
  • Main process recirculating blower.
  • Gun style air heaters.
  • Instrument rack.
  • Fresh air make up.


Stelter & Brinck, Ltd.’s packaged integrated systems are a result of our customer’s exposure to the ever-increasing competitiveness of the global market. We listen when our customers share the feedback they receive in the market place. Our customers are experiencing price and delivery pressure at most every turn. This is especially so with the demand for custom equipment designed for specific process needs. It is very expensive for a typical company to utilize resources outside of its core business because the application of their resources becomes less efficient thereby increasing overhead costs, extending deliveries, and limiting the company’s core business activity.

Stelter & Brinck is a company that embraces accountability. It is natural for us to ask our customers how we can help. When our customers transfer engineering, design, fabrication, test fire and field start up responsibilities, they expand their ability to focus company efforts on core business. This reduces their costs, increases their profitability, and takes advantage of our efficient operation.

Preserve your company’s or your client’s resources by allowing us to provide you engineering support, procurement, expediting, and scheduling.

  • S&B thermal oxidizer.
  • Test platform.
  • Insulated stack.
  • Efficient use of space available.
  • Pre-assembled in our shop.
  • Skid break for shipping.
  • Heated and air conditioned control room.

Integrated Combustion Systems RFQ


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