Reliable Combustion Equipment?

Reliable Combustion Equipment

Is your combustion equipment reliable? Backed by our engineering department, our team of experienced field technicians can bring your equipment up to today’s standards and codes through rebuilds, retrofitting, repairs or upgrades.

Examples of equipment upgrades or repairs Stelter & Brinck can help you with:

  • Process Heat Equipment Replacements/ Repairs
  • Oxidizer or Afterburner Replacements/ Repairs
  • Heat Exchanger Replacements/ Repairs
  • Energy Audits- implementing heat recovery, new control systems, oil fired or electric to natural gas fired burner conversions
  • Complete Burner Systems or Burner Controls Upgrade
  • Refractory Replacement and Repair
  • NFPA Safety Upgrades
  • Combustion System Parts Upgrades
  • Piping and Duct Work Fabrication/ Welding

Benefits of Using S&B for your Combustion System Alterations:

  • We have almost 100 years serving the process heat industry!
  • We have thousands of units world-wide.
  • We work with fortune 100 companies, as well as mom-and-pop shops.
  • Our service technicians are backed by our in-house engineering department.
  • We also offer equipment installation, start-up, on-going preventative maintenance.


Combustion System Upgrades

For more information or to upgrade/ repair your system, call 513-367-9300 or visit: