What’s the difference: Direct Vs Indirect Fired Heaters?

What is the technical difference between direct fired and indirect fired? In terms of process air heaters, what are the features, benefits and applications of direct fired vs indirect fired? Direct Fired “Direct Fired” means just that; the burner is fired directly into the process air stream to heat it. Air heaters that are direct…

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Industrial Hot Air Generators for Dryers

Are you in need of hot air for your industrial dryer? Indirect fired or direct fired air heaters are used as a hot air generator for many types of industrial dryers.  The wet material being dried with every type of dryer determines whether the process utilizes a direct fired air heater or an indirect fired…

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Do you know the difference between direct fired and indirect fired air heaters?

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Our latest YouTube video explains the difference between direct fired and indirect fired air heaters. This two minute video will educate you on basic differences and benefits each system.  Watch the video and then quiz yourself on the difference between direct and indirect fired air heaters with the questions below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81avNHZ5kKw Which air heater would…

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