Thermal Oxidizer aids Rubber Products Manufacturer in Winning an Environmental Leadership Award



Due to an increase in demand in a wide area of industries- from government and consumer to wood processing and mining- the leading manufacturer of rubber products decided to expand their Nebraska plant. The plant’s new equipment helped to increased production of the company’s many products such as conveyor belts, hydraulics, hose, and rubber track. However, during manufacturing the new equipment was generating pollutants.


In order to reduce the pollutants that the new equipment would emit, the Engineering Manager turned to Stelter & Brinck for a Thermal Oxidizer because “S&B are experts; they have significant experience with thermal oxidizers”.


According to the plant’s Engineering Manager, Stelter & Brinck was “very easy to work with” and “knew the right questions to ask to build the final product [they] wanted.” He went onto say, “Stelter & Brinck has excellent workmanship and execution! All of S&B’s departments are very friendly, knowledgable, and helpful!”

When it came to the final product, the Engineering Manager exclaimed, “it’s terrific”! He said that the plant has relied on S&B’s equipment every day since it’s installation and that the equipment exceeds his expectations; the Engineering Manager explained, “since installation, S&B’s oxidizer has continually destroyed 99.9% of VOC emissions.” He went onto say, “the overall result of S&B’s equipment has been tremendous; since installation, our entire plant has reduced pollutants by 70%!” In fact, with the help if Stelter & Brinck’s thermal oxidizer the plant even “won an Environmental Leadership award due to [their] reduction of harmful emissions!”

Stelter & Brinck’s Thermal Oxidizer won Environmental Award