Combustion and Burner Service: Importance & Benefits

Combustion Services can save energy and reduce emissions.

Importance of Industrial Burner Preventative Maintenance provided by Stelter & Brinck Virtually every industry from food and chemical production to polymer and steel processing uses burners and therefore, can benefit from industrial burner preventative maintenance. Stelter & Brinck’s exclusive checklist used during regular burner maintenance helps companies improve safety and comply with codes and standards.…

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Indirect Fired Air Heaters for Chemically Sensitive Processes

Overview Indirect air heaters are used as the hot air source to dry chemically sensitive products. Indirect fired air heaters are used with fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, ovens, furnaces, flash dryers, rotary dryers, and many other types of process equipment. These air heaters are mainly used to manufacture food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many other…

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Ladle & Tundish Dryers & Preheaters for the Metals Industry

What are Tundish & Ladles? Dryers, Preheaters, & Dryer-Preheaters? The function of ladles and tundishes in the metal industry and the purpose of dryers/ preheaters is discussed below: Since 3000 B.C. people have been casting and molding metal, originally to make weapons. Today, metal casting and molding is not only used to manufacture weapons, but…

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