Air Heater Upgrade: Crane Composites



Crane Composites is the leading supplier of fiber-reinforced composite products. Composite is used in virtually every industry- from wall and ceiling building products to truck and trailer products. Because their customers expect the highest quality products to be delivered to them on-time, Crane Composites’ manufacturing facilities cannot afford any unexpected equipment downtime.  Thus, when the air heaters at Crane Composites’ Florence, Kentucky manufacturing facility became dated, upgrades were necessary.


The Florence, KY Electrical Design Maintenance Supervisor, Bill Wirtley, looked to Stelter & Brinck to upgrade all five of Crane Composites’ air heaters.


Wirtley states that, “Because of S&B’s upgrades, [Crane Composites] equipment is more reliable!” The facility also has “considerably less downtime; S&B’s upgrades decreased showdowns and downtime by over 70%!” Not only has this increase in production time lead to on-time delivery to customers, but according to Wirtley, “S&B’s equipment has considerably cut maintenance expenses” and also “helped meet EPA standards”.

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