Process Air Heaters – Brief Overview

Process Air Heaters

Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures 4 types of air heaters: Indirect Fired, Duct, Packaged, and Gun Style. The Duct, Packaged and Gun Style units are all direct-fired process air heaters. Each of the 4 styles of heaters is custom designed for your application and available in different models. 1. Indirect Fired Air Heater is…

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Duct Air Heater Overview

Duct Air Heaters are one type of direct fired air heater used in industrial applications. These industrial heaters provide the hot air used to manufacture everything from clay and brick to coal and glass. Duct Air Heaters earned their name due to the fact that they are designed to be inserted right into the process ductwork.…

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Unmatched Process Air Heaters

Stelter & Brinck process air heater types consist of indirect fired, gun style, packaged and duct style air heaters. Each of our air heaters is a product of over 95 years of combustion experience, is designed in-house by our engineers to be heavy duty, reliable and provide unmatched performance for your process. Because each S&B heater…

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