Process Air Heaters – Brief Overview

Process Air Heaters

Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures 4 types of air heaters: Indirect Fired, Duct, Packaged, and Gun Style. The Duct, Packaged and Gun Style units are all direct-fired process air heaters. Each of the 4 styles of heaters is custom designed for your application and available in different models. 1. Indirect Fired Air Heater is…

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Unmatched Process Air Heaters

Stelter & Brinck process air heater types consist of indirect fired, gun style, packaged and duct style air heaters. Each of our air heaters is a product of over 95 years of combustion experience, is designed in-house by our engineers to be heavy duty, reliable and provide unmatched performance for your process. Because each S&B heater…

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