The Real Cost (and 3 Ways to Avoid) Unscheduled Downtime in Manufacturing

Cost of Unscheduled Downtime in Manufacturing

Preventative Maintenance (PM) sometimes takes a back seat to other issues on ever-growing “to-do” lists. For many companies, planned maintenance is often an afterthought. If you aren’t experiencing a problem, it is easy to dismiss value of the benefits gained from combustion system preventative maintenance.  The True Cost of Equipment Downtime Unpredicted downtown can result…

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Combustion System Questionnaire

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to embark on new beginnings, both in your personal life and in the work-place. In order to help you set new goals with regards to your plant’s process heat equipment, we’ve generated a list of questions: How old is your process heat equipment? Is your equipment reliable?…

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Scheduled Burner Preventative Maintenance Case Study: Wood Plastic Composite Manufacturer

Situation: Composite wood is manufactured by combining particles of wood together with plastic. Since its introduction into the outdoor living market in the 1990’s, composite has become a popular alternative to traditional wood decking and railing. Not only is composite easy to install and maintenance-free, but it doesn’t rot, warp, fade, weather or splinter. In…

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