Adhesive Coating Ovens Testimonial



Adhesives are used in virtually every industry- from pharmaceutical and health to business and technical products. Each application is different and thus, adhesive coating equipment must have versatile and flexible manufacturing capabilities.

When the coating line became dated at one of the most well-known adhesive manufacturing facilities, they knew upgrades were necessary in order to avoid unexpected shut-downs and to continue to meet each customer’s exact needs.


The Maintenance & Engineering Manager at the adhesive product manufacturing plant looked to Stelter & Brinck to upgrade the coating line ovens and control panel.


According to the Maintenance & Engineering Manager, “Before S&B upgraded our ovens, our frustrations were enormous. We were constantly fighting nuisance shut-downs. Thanks to Stelter & Brinck upgrades, we have more up time and consequently ship more product. Now we’re happy and so are our customers.” He went onto say that, “Stelter & Brinck makes my life easier and our business more profitable!”

Adhesive Line Upgrade