Aluminum Sow Dryers


Aluminum Manufacturing

Aluminum is the most widely used metal in the world. We use aluminum to create various items, such as: cars, baseball bats, cans, windows, foil, utensils, tools, etc. The 3rd most abundant metal in nature, aluminum, is not frequently found in its purest form.

While aluminum is the 3rd most abundant metal in the world today, it is the most widely used.  Aluminum is a strong, lightweight, non-magnetic metal. For over 110 years we’ve been relying on the same process to produce it.

Aluminum begins as bauxite ores. The ores are crushed and then refined through the “Bayer’s process” ; a process that results in the production of aluminum oxide (alumina). The alumina is then smelted to make molten aluminum, which is 99.8% pure.

Molten aluminum metal oxidizes quickly, so it is either cast into its final shape or into bar shaped sows (sometimes called ingots), in order to be shipped to an aluminum casting mill.

Aluminum casting mills must re-melt the sows in order to cast into their final shape. Prior to re-melting sows, aluminum sow dryers/ preheaters are used for two reasons:

  1. It is crucial that water be removed from the scrap/ sow pieces because when moisture comes in contact with molten metal, it expands and could cause an explosion. In any foundry where the sow is wet, dryers/ preheaters are essential.
  2. When preheated sows are placed into the vessel of molten metal, it will melt quicker than if the metal was placed into the vessel at room-temperature. The decrease in melting time improves the foundry’s efficiency by increasing production rates and throughput.

Aluminum Sow Dryers/ Preheaters

Aluminum sow dryers/ preheaters remove any moisture present on the sow. Sow dryers also save energy by providing dry and preheated hot charge to the aluminum melter. Stelter & Brinck aluminum sow dryers/preheaters are customizable for your needs. Options include a lift-off portable unit that can be moved to new plant locations with ease or a fixed location model.


Standalone Aluminum Sow Dryer/ Preheater designed and manufactured by Stelter & Brinck.

Aluminum Sow Dryer – Stelter & Brinck
Dual Station Sow Dryer by Stelter & Brinck

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