9 Reasons to Choose S&B’s Industrial Burner Service Technicians

Industrial Burner Service Technicians

When looking for a technician to service your plant’s industrial combustion equipment, there are some important factors to keep in mind: knowledge, experience, availability, and access to spare and/or replacement parts. Not only do Stelter & Brinck’s industrial burner service technicians have all of the qualities mentioned above, but they can also provide your plant…

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Scheduled Burner Preventative Maintenance Case Study: Wood Plastic Composite Manufacturer

Situation: Composite wood is manufactured by combining particles of wood together with plastic. Since its introduction into the outdoor living market in the 1990’s, composite has become a popular alternative to traditional wood decking and railing. Not only is composite easy to install and maintenance-free, but it doesn’t rot, warp, fade, weather or splinter. In…

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Combustion Service Case Study: Spent Catalyst Recycler

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Spent Catalyst Recycler Customer Testimonial Situation: Spent catalysts are catalysts that are used and inactive. Strategic metals can be recovered from spent catalysts and then produced into high-purity specialty products. Because the purity of the reclaimed metals is imperative to the quality of the end product, spent catalyst recyclers must work to optimize the value…

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Combustion Service Partner vs. Vendor

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In today’s economy, companies are doing more with less; businesses are finding ways to be more efficient with their resources in order to yield more output per capita. As a result, people in the workplace are delegated more responsibilities, cross-trained in various departments, and are busier than ever before. If scheduling preventative maintenance on the…

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Time to Maintain Those Oven’s Burners!


‘Tis the Season for Cookies Galore! As the days get shorter, and the Holidays near, it seems like cookies are everywhere you turn and it’s easy to overindulge in your favorite treat! According to Wikipedia the modern Christmas cookie recipes can be traced all the back to the 16th century. The ingredients found in cookies are mainly flour,…

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