Direct Fired Process Air Heater Types: Duct Style, Gun Style and Packaged


Used in processes that require a hot air source, Direct Fired Air Heaters are ideal for applications that are not sensitive to the by-products of combustion. Direct Fired Process Air Heaters, as their name implies, apply heat directly to the product air stream. These process heaters are used in heat treating, drying, curing, mining, printing and many other industries.

Stelter & Brinck designs, manufactures, and provides service for 3 types of direct gas-fired or oil-fired air heaters: duct, gun style and packaged.

Duct Style Air Heaters

Stelter & Brinck’s Duct Heater Models:

Fresh Air Duct Section Heater – uses the oxygen present in the air stream for combustion, eliminating the need for an additional combustion air source

Recirculating Duct Section Air Heaters- used for dirty air streams and features a combustion blower

 Selective Catalytic Reduction Heater- designed to be either a start-up air heater or a post-heater where NOx is present in the air stream

Unique Duct Style Process Air Heater Feature: designed to fit into the processes’ duct work

Duct Air Heater Applications: baking, curing, heat treating, oilfields, drying, and many more

Picture of a Stelter & Brinck Duct Air Heater:

Duct Air Heater- Stelter & Brinck- Fresh Air Duct Section

Gun Style Air Heaters

Gas only burner

Oil only burner

 Combination gas and oil fired burner

Unique Duct Style Process Air Heater Feature: ideal for those processes that require larger mass flows, have recirculating process air streams, higher temperatures, or fuel oil operation

 Gun Style Heater Applications: same as duct style

Picture of S&B Gun Style Air Heater:

Stelter & Brinck Gun Style Air Heater

Packaged Air Heaters

Natural gas fired burner

Propane fired burner

Butane fired burner

Unique Packaged Process Air Heater Feature: complete packages; each air heater is completely prepiped and prewired and complete with flame safety controls, process temperature controls, process blower, outlet transition, and motor starters; arrives on-site ready to be installed

Packaged Heater Applications: dye and paint manufacturing, molds processing, ect.

Picture of Stelter & Brinck Packaged Air Heaters:

Industrial Packaged Air Heaters.
Industrial Packaged Air Heaters.

Low emission air heater models and stainless steel construction are available for each unit by Stelter & Brinck. For more information on our direct fired air heaters, please visit our website: